Unaccompanied minors express themselves: the 3rd edition of their newspaper is available!

The Swiss Foundation of the International Social Service (ISS) has partnered with Païdos Association, the University of Geneva and the FASe foundation to create the 3rd issue of the journal "My voice for you", written entirely by unaccompanied minors (UMs) and dedicated to them.

In June, students of the Interdisciplinary Master in Children's Rights (MIDE) collected the words of about thirty UMs, designed and produced the newspaper.Offered in the form of a blog, this edition entitled "My Switzerland and I," gives voice to these young people, aged 14 to 18, just welcomed in the Sas of Païdos and coming from various countries such as Syria Afghanistan, Iraq, Guinea, ..."

Coming from elsewhere to dream of a better life," these young people share with us their daily lives, their difficulties but also their joy and what Switzerland brings to them. They express themselves including their relation to school and the differences in their countries of origin: "The school in Switzerland represents equal opportunities. It allows us all to learn the skills and knowledge that are necessary for our future quality of life. "

In parallel, a photo project allowed them to express themselves differently and to begin a dialogue with people from Geneva. Posters are plastered in particular in the various Geneva universities.

Read the newspaper (in French)

This activity is part of the work of information and exchange of ISS with unaccompanied minors.